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After they lost the most important (classical) part of their match against China 26-24, the Russian team took revenge by winning the rapid part and... the football match on the rest day. We're not sure about the blitz...

The 5th match between China and Russia took place September 18-27 in Ningpo, China. Here are the players who participated this year:


The first phase in this match (which followed the Scheveningen sytem) consisted of five rounds played with the FIDE time control, which was won by China 26-24.

After the rest day the players went on to rapid chess. The website of the Russian Chess Federation tells us that the Russian men won on matchpoints 13-7 (individual points: 28-22). The women teams tied 10-10 in match points (25-25 on individual results).

On Saturday, the last day of the event, the Chinese men won the blitz match 14-6 and the Russian women defeated their Chinese opponents 11-9. Unfortunately no games are available, and it's also not very clear which score was used.

The Russian Chess Federation writes that this year the overall match was won by the Russian team, "which has won three matches, lost two and drawn one completed." But if we follow the scores that are mentioned, we end up with this table:


Perhaps one of our readers can help us to get this correct...

On the rest day (Tuesday, September 23rd) the players left the industrial city of Ningpo for some outdoor Chinese culture. To start with, what can be more Chinese than tea? The excursion started with a visit to fields with lots of ?®?í¬? plants.

Tea is the common name of the shrub Camellia sinensis, which has been cultivated from antiquity in China

The ladies through the fields - we think we recognize Ruan Lufei and Shen Yang

Dmitry Jakovenko, already wearing the outfit for later that day, together with Peter Svider

Natalija Pogonina, Tatiana and Nadezhda Kosintseva enjoying their view

Evgeny Alekseev doing the same

The traditional group photo

If you were wondering what Yuri Dokhoian, former Kasparov second, is doing these days - well, coaching talented Russian girls!

Among many traditions, football matches are becoming a usual part of chess events these days - here we see Bu Xiangzhi and Evgeny Alekseev

Keeping up traditions, Peter Svidler defends Russia's goal.

Russia's best soccer player is Dmitry Jakovenko and indeed his pose looks highly professional - but wait, what's Petya exactly doing there?

In Sochi Svidler was one of many players who left the pitch with an injury, but in China everything seems to be fine again.

Wang Yue can't believe that his team just got beaten - at least it wasn't at chess

Photos excursion ?Ǭ© Mark Gluhovsky | football photos ?Ǭ© Natalija Pogonina

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