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San Jose PRO Chess Team Adds Top World Player

San Jose PRO Chess Team Adds Top World Player

Dec 16, 2016, 5:40 AM 4

The San Jose Hackers have formed a team that promises to be one of the best in the West Coast (U.S.) division, and heading the squad is current world number-12 Shakhriyar Mamedyarov.

One exciting thing about the Hackers is that the team is full of players who have written articles and created videos for Chess.com, and so it's going to be great for fans to see them all playing together.

Hackers manager Abel Talamantez had this to say:

"The San Jose Hackers Chess Team was formed by BayAreaChess (BAC) to compete and represent Silicon Valley in the PRO Chess League, and ultimately, to bring awareness of chess as a professional sport.

"BayAreaChess is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spread the love of chess around the San Francisco Bay Area, the West Coast, and in the U.S. We are extremely excited about the upcoming PRO Chess League, and together with our amazing players, we are hopeful that participating in the competition and promoting the San Jose Hackers team will bring increased attention to chess and its many benefits to children, adults, and communities."

Let's take a look at some of the star players who will be competing for the Hackers:

GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov | Photo Shamkir Chess.

1. GM Shakhriyar Mamedyarov: One of the more unexpected free-agent signings, Shakh brings a wealth of experience to this Hackers team. The top Azeri players finds himself just outside the world top-10 after a successful 2016, notably winning the Shamkir event held in honor of his late friend GM Vugar Gashimov. Mamedyarov's adventurous style has netted him many classical chess successes including two Tal Memorial wins, but his 2013 world rapid championship title is all San Jose needs to invoke fear into its opposition.

2. GM Daniel Naroditsky: Daniel is one of the most prolific authors for Chess.com, and one of the top young grandmasters in the country. The Stanford student boasts a FIDE rating of 2646 and has published two books. He has lived in the Bay Area since he was a child and is sure to be thrilled to represent San Jose in the PRO Chess League. (http://danielnaroditskychess.com/)

3. GM Cristian Chirila: Cristian is another exciting young grandmaster who has just come off of a major win at the Millionaire Open. The former under-16 world champion grew up in Romania, became a member of the renowned University of Texas at Dallas chess team, then ultimately settled in sunny California. You can read more about him at his personal website: (http://www.cristian-chirila.com/)

4. GM Rauf Mamedov: This powerful grandmaster is rated nearly 2700 FIDE. Despite being from Baku, Azerbaijan, he has spent a lot of time visiting the Bay Area and has coached at the Bay Area Chess Club multiple times. Mamedov, much like his compatriot Mamedyarov, is a renowned speed demon who ranks among the world's best blitz players (Mamedov is rated 2770 and won the 2015 European Blitz Championship).

5. IM Kostya Kavutskiy: Kostya considers himself a professional chess player, author, commentator and coach. Like teammate Naroditsky, Kavutskiy has penned a high-quality book. He is a newly minted international master who has written many articles for Chess.com. Here is one of his recent and informative articles.

6. Christopher Yoo may be San Jose's secret weapon. Because there is a rating cap of 2500 in the PRO Chess League, you can't just stack your team with all 2700 players. Christopher is just nine years old and recently became the youngest master in American history! Don't be fooled by his age; opponents beware!

It's incredible to see such established local stars, top foreign GMs, and young local talents combined into one awesome team. It is teams like the San Jose Hackers that are going to have the entire chess community buzzing about the PRO Chess League.

The PRO Chess League welcomes the San Jose Hackers!

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