Season Update - July 2020


Our first season as Herefordshire-Worcestershire-Shropshire is heading towards an interesting climax.

In the County Championship, the table currently looks like this:

Division Two Table Completed Points Win %
Lancashire Lads and Lasses 6 10 66.95%
Munster 6 10 64.17%
Herefordshire Worcestershire Shropshire 4 8 61.11%
Norfolk Knights 6 6 54.64%
Kent Checkmates 5 6 53.85%
London 5 4 43.53%
Team Birmingham 4 4 37.78%
Team Suffolk 7 2 28.22%
Devon Chess 7 0 27.07%


This is based on completed matches but the following fixtures have started but not yet been decided:

Lancashire are beating us but losing to Kent so could be heading for 12 points

Munster are beating Birmingham so are heading for 12 points with us still to play

We are narrowly leading London and Kent so could be  heading for 12 points with Munster to play.

This means that victory in our match against Munster will probably secure us the Division 2 championship but defeat could leave us in 3rd (outside the promotion spots) on win ratio.

At the moment, Munster have an astounding 27 boards registered for this match. We are competetive on the top 4 boards but need all our strongest players to sign up for this match. It starts at 08.00 on 11th July -

County Cup

We are involved in a close match in Rd 2 against Birmingham. The match is tied at 12/12 with only Mark ( @fysh99 ) still playing both his games. The good news is that 1 point will be enough as in the event of a draw the bottom board is discarded which would leave us as the winners. We get another match against Lancashire in the quarter final if we go through. Good luck Mark.

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