State of the Club-4/8/2019

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This club is inactive, but I would like to see this club active again.

My plan to do this has multiple parts:

1. Inviting: We need to use as many of the 30 invites as we can each day, invite the most active people you know!

2. Sparking Interest: I am going to start looking at the profiles of current members to see what would interest them, and begin making a list of things we should do to get them interested again.

3. Matches: We need games.

4. Daily Posts: We need at least one note every day, and hopefully more.

5. Weekly News: Every week I am going to write a news post about the club.

6. Forums: We need new and interesting forums to engage our members.

7. Admin Collaboration: We need the admins to talk and work as a team.

Let*s get out there and make that club description true! 

More News

3 new vote chess games

3 new vote chess games

New Match!

New Match!