Stockton 4th Annual High School Tournament!
Stockton University 4th Annual High School Tournament

Stockton 4th Annual High School Tournament!

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On February 27th, Stockton's Osprey Chess Club will be hosting the university's annual High School Team Tournament. 

This event is ONLY for INVITED HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS. Do NOT join the tournament if you are not in one of the High School teams listed below. 

The invited High Schools that are attending:

Oakcrest High School

Clearview High School

High Technology High School

Cherry Hill East High School

Christian Brothers Academy

Cherokee High School

If you are a high school student who is not from one of the listed schools above and wish to participate in the tournament, please contact us at either or at

The tournament will be USCF Rated and have 4 rounds, Game 25, with a 1 second increment. 

The first round will begin at 9:35 A.M. and the Zoom room will be open to players, coaches, and parents starting at 8:45 A.M. 

PLEASE set your name on Zoom to your REAL name.  

Zoom Room Link ~

Tournament Link ~

Good Luck in the tournament!