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Some Videos to Up Your Game

Nov 25, 2012, 10:37 AM 0

And here are some Opening video:

Albin Countergambit - http://goo.gl/ui8WD
Berlin Defense - Mortimer Trap - http://goo.gl/wPCb0
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit - http://goo.gl/phL05
Caro-Kann Defense - http://goo.gl/okwwX
Evans Gambit - http://goo.gl/qqfSs
French Defense - http://goo.gl/t2Uhm
Four Knights Game - http://goo.gl/GlWsj
King's Gambit - http://goo.gl/ZUGOz
King's Indian Defense - http://goo.gl/Lur6w
Giuoco Piano, Classical Variation - http://goo.gl/A2Dix
Gruenfeld Defense - http://goo.gl/Z9LeRbl
Nimzo-Indian Defense - http://goo.gl/BEiYN
Ruy Lopez - http://goo.gl/Y194z
Scotch Game - http://goo.gl/2A8Tz
Sicilian Defense, Open http://goo.gl/MxQem
Sicilian, Najdorf Variation - http://goo.gl/z6K2M
Sicilian, Scheveningen Variation - goo.gl/TjWMz
Sicilian, Accelerated Dragon - http://goo.gl/Gq2Q2
Slav Defense - http://goo.gl/BYRpG
Two Knights Defense - http://goo.gl/FZrm6

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