The moment of truth

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Today Topalov will have White for the last time in the 'normal chess' part of the match. The expectations are high. Will he finally play 1.e4, or will he stick to his original preparation? It's not improbablte that he will - e.g.?Ǭ†like Kasparov in 1987 - opt for a relatively quiet setup in his last attempt with White, to slowly press with a small advantage. In short, I would not be surprised if Topalov?Ǭ†played a bit?Ǭ†like Kramnik today. A mature and tested?Ǭ†strategy.?Ǭ†

On the other hand: if we've learned one thing from this match, it is that Topalov?Ǭ†hasn't?Ǭ†exactly behaved very mature?Ǭ†so far. Not only his manager's behaviour proves it, but also his recent accusations to Chessbase (the site would be 'pro-Kramnik'), and, more to the point, his explanation why he played 24...f6? ("I looked at the clock, and since my opponent had less time, I decided to play the more complicated line")?Ǭ†reveal an unbalanced and uncontrolled match vision. In short, I would not be surprised if Topalov played 1.e4 today after all. Full frontal attack - precisely the way he has planned his strategy all along.

In the meantime, Kramnik tries to plays it cool and collected. Does it remind of you anyone? I had to think of?Ǭ†the way Max Euwe used to play. Although Kramnik does not stop to stress that he is a professional and looks at things through the eyes of a professional, his behaviour is also, in a way, similar to that of a chess lover, an amateur. He does it all for the fans and the game (or so he says), he is calm when he loses and balanced in his opinions when he wins. He makes a cool impression and says he worries more about the Champions League than the result of the match. Topalov can consider that an insult to the fans, but?Ǭ†it does show a sense of humor and the ability to see things in perspective, something that can't be said of the Topalov-team so far.

At 13.00h, we'll know a lot more.?Ǭ†
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