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Titled Tuesday 11 Game Of The Tournament Nominees

Titled Tuesday 11 Game Of The Tournament Nominees

Jul 8, 2015, 10:12 AM 4 Chess Event Coverage

Hikaru Nakamura won Titled Tuesday 11, taking home $750 of the $2,000 prize pool and besting a group of 83 titled players, including 17 grandmasters. 

The final payout in Titled Tuesday is a $125 Game of the Tournament prize, selected by Chess.com readers on the homepage survey.

Check out the nominees below, and then be sure to vote in the official survey to help determine the winner.

Game of the Tournament Nominees:

1. GM Hikaru Nakamura vs GM Bassem Amin, 1-0.

2. GM Nijat Abasov vs GM Hikaru Nakamura, 0-1.

3. FM Bernardo Vainzoff Sztokbant vs NM Hans Niemann, 0-1.

4. GM Georg Meier vs IM Andrey Ostrovskiy, 1-0.

5. Write-In Vote.

Select any other game played in the July 7 Titled Tuesday and make your case for it in the survey comments

Make sure you vote in the official Chess.com survey HERE to help award the best game prize. 

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