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World league

Dec 10, 2008, 2:39 PM 28

On m'a envoyé le message suivant:

Would your team, 'les bleus', like to represent France in the Chess.com World League? The name would have to change to 'Team France' (or a translation), and you would have to follow some instructions if you joined, but besides that it wouldn't be too big a shift, I hope.

Go here for more information:


J'ai également reçu celui ci (de la part de chess.com cette fois-ci):

Want a chance to represent your country on the world stage in chess? Look no further! You are invited to join the Chess.com World League! Beginning on January 15, 2009, it is the official Chess.com international league of team matches, with countries from around the globe participating in fierce team competition.

Joining is easy and requires no hefty commitment (one round starts each month - that's only two new games a month per member). Plus, players of all ratings are welcomed! So sign up now! The sooner the better, as roster spots are limited.

To sign up, simply find your country among the links below and request to join the group:

http://www.chess. com/groups/view/team-usa-southeast - USA Southeast (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Maryland)

http://www.c hess.com/groups/home/american-northeast-team - USA Northeast (New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Pennsylvania)

http://www.ch ess.com/groups/view/team-usa-south-central - USA South Central (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama)

http://www.ch ess.com/groups/view/team-usa-north-central - USA North Central (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa)

http://www.chess. com/groups/view/team-usa-southwest - USA Southwest (Hawaii, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico)

http://www.chess. com/groups/view/team-usa-northwest - USA Northwest (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado)

http://www.chess.co m/groups/view/the-russian-team - Russia

http://www.chess.com/gro ups/view/team-greece - Greece

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/home/team-belgium - Belgium

http://www.chess.co m/groups/view/team-philippines - Philippines

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/view/team-germany - Germany

http://www.chess.com/gro ups/home/team-italia - Italy

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/view/ukraine-team - Ukraine

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/view/team-england - England

http://www.chess. com/groups/home/chess-team-holland - Netherlands

http://www.chess.com/gro ups/home/team-canada - Canada

http://www.chess.com/g roups/view/team-scotland - Scotland

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/view/team-armenia - Armenia

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/view/team-ireland - Ireland

http://www.chess .com/groups/view/the-australian-team - Australia

;http://www.chess.com/gro ups/view/team-poland - Poland

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/home/team-romania - Romania

http://www.chess.com/grou ps/home/team-China - China

http://www.chess.com/gro ups/view/team-mexico - Mexico

http://www.chess.com/gr oups/view/team-denmark - Denmark

http://www.chess.com/g roups/home/serbian-group - Serbia

http://www.chess.com/grou ps/view/team-india - India

Is YOUR country not among those listed? Do you know of/are you willing to create a team for your country? If so, please let us know: http://w ww.chess.com/groups/forumview/questions-amp-concerns

The main hub for the league - where all future scheduling, rankings, rules and updates will be posted - can be found here: http://www .chess.com/groups/home/world-league-headquarters


Si on accepte, il faudra probablement renomer l'équipe en quelque chose du genre "team-france" ou "Les bleus (team France)" ou "Les bleus (team-France)".

Avant d'accepter / refuser, j'aimerais avoir votre avis, alors s'il vous plait et si vous avez eu le courage de lire jusqu'ici, exprimez vous ici. :-)

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