WIM Heredia join's the FIDE Study Board

  • pastoryoshi
  • on 5/9/11, 6:38 PM.

WIM Carla Heredia (chessparade) has just joined our Study Board but she is also new to chess.com and has not yet played any RATED games to help establish a rating. Please everyone in the Study Board challenge her to RATED games to help her establish a starting point. Don't worry about loosing to her. It will not affect your rating until she has played at least 10 rated games. I believe it is actually 22 games though. They do not affect the rating of the player who already has an established rating.

Also please help answer any questions about what chess.com has to offer.

Thanks, Pastoryoshi

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  • 6 years ago

    IM Kacparov

    Maybe she can join a tournament to get a rating faster

  • 6 years ago

    IM Kacparov

    I think they do affect the rating...

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