World Junior Chess Championships 2011

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The 50th World Junior Chess Championships are underway in Chennai, India.

There are separate tournaments for boys and girls taking place from 1-16 August. Over 120 boys and 60 girls will be competing for the U-20 titles.

The significance of the junior world championships has varied considerably since the inaugural event in 1951, but it always provides an opportunity for talented young players to make a name for themselves.

Previous champions include Boris Spassky (1955), Anatoly Karpov (1969), Yasser Seirawan (1979), Garry Kasparov (1980), Vishy Anand (1987) and Lev Aronian (2002).

Vishy Anand opened the 2011 World Junior Chess Championships in Chennai

Anand opens World Junior Champs 2011.jpg


The top rated boys this year:

 GM Matlakov Maxim Russia 2632
 GM Sjugirov Sanan Russia 2629
 GM Salgado Lopez Ivan Spain 2626
 GM Shimanov Aleksandr Russia 2586
 GM Nabaty Tamir Israel 2584
 GM Ter-Sahakyan Samvel Armenia 2558
 GM Hovhannisyan Robert Armenia 2556
 GM Robson Ray USA 2554
 GM Swiercz Dariusz Poland 2553
 GM Adhiban B India 2542
 GM Grandelius Nils Sweden 2542
 GM Sethuraman S P India 2529


The top rated girls:

 WGM Paikidze Nazi Georgia 2416
 WGM Savina Anastasia Russia 2398
 WGM Cori T Deysi Peru 2376
 WGM Girya Olga Russia 2371
 WGM Padmini Rout India 2348
 WIM Tsatsalashvili Keti Georgia 2318
 CM Kulkarni Bhakti India 2317
 WIM Mammadova Gulnar Marfat Qizi  Azerbaijan 2294
 WIM Bulmaga Irina Romania 2293
 WIM Kazimova Narmin Nizami Qizi Azerbaijan 2292
 WIM Olsarova Karolina 2282 Czech Republic 2282
 WIM Eric Jovana Serbia 2282


The official website with more information and coverage is here.  The live games link is here.

More about the history of the World Junior Chess Championships can be found here.

UPDATED: Video of Anand's speech at the opening ceremony:

Photo: Arvind Aaron

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    I know someone who is competing in that... large underdog but it's cool that he's even there.

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    go robson!  he just won his game

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    It doesn't seem, from 5 minutes of poking around, that the results or pairings are anywhere to be found on the official site.


    That's kinda weird.

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    i really want to play their... godbless to the players of the philippines!

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    goodluck to the players

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    where is Maxim Lagrave, Fabiano Carauna, Wesley So and Anish Giri ???

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    Goooooooo Narayanan we kerala players proud of you.

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    Go Deysi Cori !!!.......Arriba Peru !!!

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    Tournament website is still unavailable.

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    Wow.. 1.e3 against World Champion Laughing

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    GO NAZI GO!! (?)

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    The official website seems to be down at the moment. Cry

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