Year End Summary and current match status

Dec 17, 2011, 1:15 PM 613 Reads 0 Comments

Hi Team,

it is hard to believe but the year is almost over. I hope you made it through alright as it hasn't been exactly the easiest of times for many. Team Washington has undoubtedly excelled this year thanks to your active contributions. Big thanks from me for making my admin tasks fairly simple.

The highlight of this year has been the winning of Season 1 of the US Chess League. One of our original members Charlie61554 just concluded the last game of the match giving us a convincing 38.5 to 17.5 victory against New Jersey. Season 2 has started out equally strong. We are 3-0 including wins against the strongest teams New Jersey and Wisconsin. Our Rd 4 matchup against Texas will be close as late signups by Texas made this match competitive. But even with a loss we should be able to secure the necessary points to reach the Final again.

New Jersey is itching for some revenge and has challenged us to a Vote Chess match which I accepted. I hope we get many to join this match and are able to accomplish a nice, collective effort. In our our two Vote Chess matches we are better in one game and worse in the second.

Due to the conclusion of the NJ match we were propelled up in the standings to #186, our highest placement so far. We may get a little bit higher but as we are increasingly in company of large teams that play many matches I expect us to bounce around this range. In any rate it is a huge accomplishment for a team of our size. We secured or are about to secure a number of wins against a number of teams. We may even be able to pull off an upset against powerhouse Power of Chess. Sure, we are getting a bit pummeled against Nicu & and his Friends but there is always a second time around.

Finding suitable opponents hasn't been easy. After getting no response from Western Canada and Team Mexico I challenged Team USA South Central which includes Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. So we need to put in a serious effort to compete as we are taking on not just one state. I hope this is enough motivation to come out victorious in what will be a big and tough match.

Finally, next week will be Round 5 of the US Chess League.

Cheers, have some relaxing holidays, and all the best for 2012!



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