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Praveen Sagar

Bangalore, India
3 aug. 2015
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I'm an affordable & senior chess coach at Mind Mentorz academy located in Bangalore, India. I currently hold an AGM (Arena Grand Master) title (www.mindmentorz.com). Currently offering private classes through Skype for beginners & upper intermediate players. I can help your rating improve if you are stuck between 600 - 1800 on chess.com. 

ChargesPayPal: praveen.sagar@edocuman.in
- One Hour Session: $25 
- Two Hour Session: $40

I set rating targets as well as specific goals & milestones for each student and track their progress throughout their learning cycle. I can also assign chesskid.com Gold Memberships to those interested.

Coaching Method:

Through Skype, and the chess.com analysis board, we will study positions, analyze one of your live games, or do a full study plan of any particular chess topic.

Lessons Offered in a nutshell:
✓ Fundamentals of pattern recognition 
✓ Basic principles of an opening
✓ Deep analysis on opening of your choice
✓ Opening variations & gambits
✓ The most common middlegame tactics
✓ Advanced pattern recognition concepts
✓ Roots of Positional Understanding
✓ Endgame techniques which are a must-know
✓ Student Game Review on chess.com

Training games:
✓ In our very first session, I will usually play a game with you as white & black to understand your specific strengths and weaknesses. This will also allow me to plan the rest of our session better and create an appropriate study plan for you. There on, we will play regular training games from time to time after every 3-4 sessions to reinforce the concepts being taught in your study routine.

If you are interested, do get in touch:
Website: www.mindmentorz.com

E-mail: praveen@mindmentorz.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/praveensagar161/

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