Hello! We’re 🪐The Saturn’s Solstice Collective✨

A D.I.D Symptomatic System! 

The bodies is of a Minor.(14-16)

80+? Headmates!

You could say we live in space^^|||

Little and Fictive heavy.


We are against Fake claimers and Endogenic systems!!


"DID: Known fully as Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).
Defined as a disorder associated with overwhelming childhood trauma experiences.
Diagnosis requires the existence of two or more distinct personality states, amnesia in regards to everyday life, personal information, or traumatic events, and distress or issues caused by these symptoms in any area of life."

information by:  The Lost Battalion System.

Here is some vocabulary for when speaking to us!!


Fronting: An alter being completely present and in control of the body. The front can also be split up between multiple alters if necessary, which is referred to as co-fronting.

Switching: An alter taking control of the body.
Can be forced, consensual, or triggered by an outside source.
Often causes dissociation and external symptoms, such as headache or muscle spasms.

Co-conscious: When an alter is aware of outside events at the time of them happening, but is not actively fronting. May or may not be giving passive influence to the fronters.

all provided by: The Lost Battalion System.

to learn more about D.I.D go to this link!—->  Plural terminology(The Lost battalion System)


Main Fronters!

 Angelica or Angel/She-They-her-them/Minor (Emoji= 🩰)

Bonnie(Princess Bubblegum)/She-Her/Adult (Emoji= 🌸)

R(Rurik)/ He-Him/Minor (Emoji= 🪴)




(will be updated soon!!)