Let man's petty nations tear themselves apart

My land's only borders lie around my heart

— Anatoly Sergievsky

(from Tim Rice's "Chess")

Some quick FAQ items since a lot of people are asking me the same questions at present:

Where are you from / where are you located?

This strikes me as an odd question to ask someone who:

a) Set her flag as "International"
b) Put her location as "Eǔropo", not only being unspecific but also using Esperanto to avoid even favouring a national language
c) Has an anti-nationalist sentiment in big bold letters at the top of her profile

That said, it's not a secret: I am British by nationality and currently reside here too.

Can we play a game of chess?

A much more reasonable question. The answer is: maybe!

I'm not playing live chess at present; I'm in more of a preparatory phase (as opposed to a testing phase; I go through cycles and find it yields me better results than trying to do both at once) and will probably return to live chess maybe next year.

I am playing "daily" (ie correspondence-style) chess at present, and try to maintain 6-12 games. If I'm close to my limit I'll probably decline for now, as I am often in team matches / tournaments and try to remain aware of what's coming up so that I don't suddenly find myself with several times as many games as I intended.

Do you have [preferred other social media / messaging platform]?

I have a Facebook and a Twitter and barely use either, but you can add me if you like. Just bear in mind that I sometimes go for days, weeks, or even months without looking at them.

I have a Tumblr that I won't link here as it's in large part NSFW. You can ask, but I'll probably say no unless we already chat regularly and I have a more established idea of who you are.

I have WhatsApp and use it daily, but really only for a very close circle of people. 

Ultimately, if you're just trying to chat with me, it's probably best keeping it here, despite the many faults with's messaging software. I'm here on the site every day.

Do you speak [language]?

Maybe! The list changes with my current level of use / rustiness.

Languages I use happily every day: EN, EO, FR, PT

Languages I don't use every day but can switch into without much trouble: ES, NO

Languages I can easily read, but need to check vocab, grammar etc when writing: DA, DE, IT, RU, SV

Languages I can read but not write currently: any other Romance, Germanic, or Slavic languages

What do you do for a living?

I'm a writer, mostly. I do a lot of copywriting (ad texts, articles / advertorials, sales pages, website content, customer service templates, company FAQs, mailouts, generally anything where a company needs written words, I provide them), and sometimes do other ad hoc writing work. I do translation work sometimes (indeed, a lot of this site's FR and NO translations were my work) but I mostly don't seek that out.

How are you?

I am most of the time in excellent health, thank you. I hope you are well too. If you've been at your computer a while, remember to get up, stretch, and hydrate! Take care of yourself, because you deserve it.

What are you doing right now?

If I'm on the site, I'm probably either making chess moves in my games, discussing chess moves in vote chess games, tending to group stuff, chatting with friends, or adding to my blog. Which reminds me (since my blog is about reviewing the errors of my ways), I may also be studying chess using some of the site's study tools.

If I'm not on the site, could be any number of things! I'm a busy girl. But I always make some time for chess!

Is that you in your profile picture?

Yep. I'll update it to one without a mask when I have one I'm happy with in the big version that's also still recognisable when compresses it down to 48x48 pixels tongue.png For now, the high contrast and quasi-monochrome nature of that picture make it ideal for being quickly and easily recognisable. 

If you're asking because you're someone who adds as many girls as possible with amorous intentions, I should mention that I'm happily and monogamously partnered with an amazing woman with whom you do not stand any chance of competing.

I'll also mention, not that it should be important but just to avoid confusion since many of you added me long ago under a different name and appearance, that I'm trans. So yes, I also look a lot softer, more feminine, and younger than I used to. Which itself is still a work in progress!