Hello, I am Bid, your local active 10-year-old Indonesian chess player. (Formerly Bidilz) I am doing youtube and I have many chess rating goals.

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The history of my username dates back all the way to Feb 22 2021, I made my username Bidilz which is my Roblox username, and that username is inspired by my dad's online username Bidil, now we go to August/September 2021 and I changed my username to... Beluga-Bid cuz Beluga was trending back then and I was bored lol, but then somewhere near November I requested support for a name change to Bid since it was cool and the person using it was inactive, and they gave it to me so here we are now lol

Important (maybe) Friends

@Rauf-us-sabid: We had a fallout before but its all good

@ScatteredWealth: best duck and good leader

@Dima-48: the most positive person you'll see

@Passwaor: dragon ball fan + fusion (our fusion name is PassBid)

@Lightning: cmon man get NM

@frog: ultimate troll + lazy club guy


@ant: small, but bites

@dev_the_pro: KHABY LAME BEST FAN

@Squid: fighting no life

@BananaPeelEater: no life and L weeb

if I forgor you then pls let me know

stats Goals For Before 2023:

bullet 1430 Bullet ✅

blitz 1225 Blitz ✅

live 1300 Rapid ✅

stats Goals For After 2023 and Before 2024:

bullet 2010 Bullet 

blitz 1590 Blitz

live 1630 Rapid