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Chess buddies was created to cater for interested and chess crazy fellow who hustle and bustle through life without little or no sense of real fun.


Real fun is not just about entertainment alone, it start with a right mind and a good sense of humor.


In other word anybody can have fun in their own terms but real fun does not stop at enjoying just moments, it must also have an impart in the lives of the fun-takers. And among many other things CHESS is one thing that offers that without any discrimination


Alexandra Kosteniuk once said "A woman can beat any man; it's difficult to imagine another kind of sport where a woman can beat a man fairly. That's why I like chess."


Susan Polgar also said " Chess can help a child develop logical thinking, decision making, reasoning, and pattern recognition skills, which in turn can help math and verbal skills."


In all these truth, chess is obviously a universal game, and in my own personal pursue of purposes I have decided to offer into the world the universality of a growing idea that might continue to transcend!