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Hi! I am eight years old. I don't want to give away my name. I'm a male. There are four people in my family. My personality is the consul. My chess personality is romantic. I really like chess, basketball and my life/family. My favorite games are Undertale, TF2, and (I know nothing about these games), and I also like Rubik cube. Please join the international club, and, Jesh and his friends, and NBA fan club, and NBA Headquarters (only if you REALLY like basketball and the NBA). My friends are @Unknownmeower, @Fortnitepower99 (Y FORNITE? I HATE IT but this guy is my friend in real life...) and @kaibeybladeng (again, my friend in real life) plz check my blogs!

Additional stuff-

My fav NBA teams



Fav NBA players

-Giannis Atenokoumpo

-Kawai Leonard

-Lebron James

-Pascal Siakam

-Russel Westbrook

-And... Paul George

I know some stuff about you!

1.u r a person r on an electronic

3.u r reading

5.u play chess (maybe not...)

6.u still didn’t notice that I skipped 4.

7. U never knew that I’m making this 4.

7. U probably noticed that I did 7. 2 times.

8. U r reading so deeply, that u forgot that the fist 7 Was a 4

9.u r reading

10. U just noticed that I already said that.

Also, What profile should I pick:





or the one I have now?

I'll write more later. tongue.png