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SUPPORT OUR FIRST RESPONDERS! THEY DO SO MUCH FOR OUR COUNTRY! Ripping the teeth out of the back of my mouth
The closest you get to my wisdom. NF I love playing chess and sports.
I learned how to play chess in July of 2018. i am a christian and homeschooled. I am a weatherman on chesskid and chessknight222 on lichess. my best friend is selectchicken on chesskid. my best friends on are @SpeedyCyclone @Gamma986 @LhcAndrewB @sporty12304 @TheLionQueen20 @BoraBoy and @GMWeatherman. My best friends in real life just joined! @select_chicken. my favorite variant is bughouse. 
if you are on chesskid let me know your username and i will invite you to a small chesskid only club. this club is for anyone tho be sure to join!