18 jan. 2020
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Welcome to my profile!💕💕

 ~Age: 10 years 
  ~I'm a girl ... I like things pink, cute... And I guess you already know what I like best... 😏😏

 ~My favorite movie: The Lords of the Rings

 ~🎶🎶I play music, flute, guitar and piano.🎺🎸🎹

 ~I have two brothers @adri654 and @00max and a sister @MilCalve

 ~Believe me, I speak far too many languages!😄

 ~I love shopping and photography

 ~please join my club: Paradise club

~I started playing chess at the age of 8 and started learning deeply. My dad is the one who taught me.    Ok, that's kind of me.

~At school i skipped a class this year!

~Born: I come from France but I was born in England. I speak good French like Aglais ... If you ask me if I prefer Agletterre or France ... I will not answer it ...! 😥 Personally I think I prefer France! Sorry for what are English😌

~I have a boyfriend? Hmm ... I can't tell you

~I am English and also French, for all to know I was born in England for 7 years and then I went to France. My father is English and my mother French.

~In my spare time, I often listen to English music.🥰

~😍Beautiful song!💕

 ~These are my 2 best songs in French!

 ~I know what you need, go to the top of my profile click on add as a friend.
Thanks for doing it and reading from start to finish!