23 jun. 2020
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  • 😄Hello, guys welcome to my may wonder why I removed everything and started writing again. I just wanted a little change.I was born on October 16th.

Ok, guys let me tell you a few things about me.😇.. 

  • My name is Free I love the ☔️ rain
     you can call me free or by any other name.
  • I love music. if I hear music then I'll be very happy. Music is an important 🎵part of my life.😇.Fav tamil song:Thaarame Thaarame vaa.Fav English song:Señorita,Fav spanish song: Sola(spanish version luis fonsi).Fav hindi song:Tum hi ho.And many more.
  • I love playing my Guitar. I'm still an intermediate level guitar player. I do play a few more musical instruments like piano, flute, violin.😍
  • I love astrophysics, science and medical-related things. I aspire to become a great scientist like Einstein. But I'm no match for him lol😂
  • Some good quotes exclusively made by me.
  • "Be Brave, Be Handsome",
  • "Love is life, Love is everything",
  • "Don't waste time worrying about your mistakes instead use time correcting them."🤓
  • Don't let your Existence remain as a question mark(?),Let it become an exclamatory mark(!).
  • How do I expect people to behave with me? Lol, guys, You don't need any qualifications to be my friend, but I like people if they are Polite, kind, affectionate, trustworthy, caring, lovely, good, understanding, etc.
  • Well, guess do you know why I didn't write any of my friends in my profile?
    It is because each and everyone are special to me, they all are my friends. Check my friends' list they are awesome and extraordinary.
  • Did I block you?: Usually, I don't block people. I don't like to block people. Well if I did block you then you must have uttered profanity words in public forums Or you must have insulted my friends, Well if you accept your mistake and apologize I'll unblock you
  • Did I hurt you? I'm extremely sorry. Sometimes I do utter words And words harm people. I'm so sry if I had hurt you in some way then tell me what I did ,in PM I'll apologize immediately and we could be friends again 
  • Did I go offline forever? Well I would miss you so much guys. I would miss you a lot. But don't worry I'll not go offline forever ,I'll login again. I'll tell you guys before going...
  • Thanks for reading till this. May your parents always be with you no matter what. And they well live for more that 200 years.
  • I like Magnus Carlsen a lot .i love playing chess feel free to challenge me anytime. I learnt it from the age of 6.I have written some blogs feel free to check em.i hate cheaters, online predators, Harassers. Even if your do I'll forgive you.(Rare cases)..🌹😄
  • Is anyone harassing , Disturbing, Swearing at you? Please let me know. I'm ready to write a letter to Just feel free to message me when necessary.I can't tolerate Predators. Thank you
  • I reached 10,000 points on November 12, 2020

Thanks guys. Love you all🌹❤️😎😎🤩.You will always remain in my thoughts,soon you guys will become a memory when I leave this site . is an awesome site.A great honour to be here.

Be brave be handsome”-Free-de-la-hoy2 lol one of my creation”

The saddest part is when people who gave you the best memory becomes a memory

"Succes is not a destination, Success is a journey"


  • My Favourite song collections. You Can hear these songs when you are bored. These are My favourite collections.I still have a lot more in the list. Thank you for the support guys.



 Ed Sheeran,I don't need to say anything. You all know ❤️👌👏👏

Charlie Puth is just awesome. I really like his songs.

This is a cool song.👏👌👌

Should I even tell anything about this song?. Even though the movie was a hit, This song made it more popular. Movie "Call me by your name".

Just brilliant..👏

Another brilliant Song from Troye Sivan. And I'm straight.


A dedication to our men lol.

Camilla fans!! Here you go

Awesome 👏 

Dedicated to people who lost their lives due to corona virus from all over the world. Rest in peace



Loll. It's a cool song.

🙉🙉👏👏 This one is just Marvellous 

this is a good one



My Favourite.


Just melts my heart away.



Just beautiful.

Love the beat.

🤩🤩🤩👏 Applause to Luis fonsi




Quarantine.... Missing your loved ones? This one is just magical.

Ohk one more meme song tongue.png.

This is how we hear when native English speakers sing.😂😂. That's all for today. Have a great day.

Some unique MULTIUse lines, Which you can use as a compliment line or pickup line(Used for their respective girlfriends by boys, Maybe in a friendly manner too)

Officially made by Me. Copyrighted 21 act.Freemco You are allowed to use these lines for educational purposes. Do not claim right over this lines.

1.You just made Icebergs Jealous!

2. You are the reason people are diabetic

3. If you wanna see an angel, Just look at the mirror you'll find one

More coming soon...