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Thank you so much @Kesarling_UT for the membership in the Road to GM club!


1. Join Road to GM, I got a membership from them! It isn't my club, but it's very fun!



2. Join Coolest Chess, a 1600+ club formed in October 2019! It has grown fast and I am a super administrator!


3. Join Cooler Chess, my own club I made that is kinda inactive but very organized! It has around 50 members!

Views vs Points

Also, do you think I will reach 3k views or 10k points first?

Currently Dueling

RagingBeast360: 63-62 (I'm winning)

rapidflashlight: 21.5-22.5 (I'm losing)

Wizard_Chess97: Need to check the record

spins5mE: 10-6 (I'm winning)

asdfghkl123456798: 4-3 (I'm winning)

Currently Dueling (Updating Version)

Username Wins Loses Bullet Blitz Rapid Variants
RagingBeast360 63 62 NTU NTU NTU NTU
asdfghkl123456798 4 3 2-3 2-0 NTU NTU


Wins: Wins I have

Loses: Loses I have

Bullet: Record in Bullet (Me vs Opp)

Blitz: Record In Blitz (Me vs Opp)

Rapid: Record in Rapid (Me vs Opp)

Variants: Record in Variants (Me vs Opp)

NTU: Need To Update

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May 1-31 2021