Diamond Lid

Not Currently as active on this account, or reading a lot of messages. Also, not doing clubs right now. I'm currently training for OTB Tournaments to try to reach my goals right now. Working hard happy.png Thank you to all my fans for continuing to support me, I won't let you down! how i win against gm's



Some of my accomplishments include:

2016 K-3 Nationals tied for 2nd place

2017 50th Annual NY Scholastics 1st place

2017 K-3 Super Nationals Co-Champion

2017 Expert Title

2017 Nationals K-4 Clear 1st

2018 NM Title

2019 53rd Greater NY Scholastics Elementary Champion

2019 NAYCC U14 Champion

2019 FM Title

2019 The Jerry Simon Memorial clear 2nd

2019 Life Master Title

2020 54th Annual Greater NY Scholastics Elementary Champion

My Chess Personality Results:

Technicians are the quietest and calmest chess players. Strategists who rarely attack directly and prefer to quietly exploit positional advantages, Technicians utilize their exceptional intuition to guide their positional play. Rarely losing control, the Technician exploits almost invisible positional weaknesses to win in the endgame. Technicians do not like to take many risks, and therefore rarely lose - but also win less than more aggressive players. Vladimir Kramnik is a Technician

Vladimir KramnikVladimir Kramnik (born 1975) of Russia, the fourteenth world champion, is the ultimate Technician. Known for his great endgame skills and excellent opening knowledge, Kramnik became the world champion by defeating Garry Kasparov, who had reigned for fifteen years. Despite being seen as unstoppable, Kasparov was unable to win a single game against Kramnik's iron play in their London 2000 match, while Kramnik exploited small mistakes to win two games. (I don't know how accurate this is)!

Good Luck All! 😎 Thank you for reading my profile!