happy.pngIf you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.happy.pngGetting older doesn’t mean growing up.happy.pngNever judge a book by its cover.happy.png Whoever smelt it delt ithappy.png                        BULLYING? Think you’re so cool? -The girl you just called fat?... She is on a diet . -The girl you just called ugly?... She spends hours putting on makeup hoping that people will like her. -The boy you tripped? He is hurt enough at home. - See that man with the ugly scars?... He fought for his country.-That guy you just made fun of for crying?... His mother is dying. - That kid you just made fun of for being bald?...He has cancer. - Put this in your profile if you’re against bullying.             

Wait, believe in your self if you do you can accomplish anything in the world and if you have something on your mind be free to friend request me and we can talk through it! I'll help you with anything! Your loved and perfect just the way you are and if your weird and people say "ew" to you don't listen to them! Be your self forever and ever until you go to heaven! Also be free to put this in your bio if you want!- from @mefroglover ❤️                                 

What is your favorite type of music?