Panjang umur Kristus Raja

Vive le Christ Roi


Ang lebe Christus der König

Go maire tú Críost an rí


Niech żyje Chrystus król

Vida longa a Cristo Rei

да здравствует Христос Царь

लंबे समय तक जीवित रहे मसीह राजा

Länge leve Kristus kungen

Hir oes i Grist y Brenin 


Pro Life chess member! happy.png 




                            ABORTION HURTS BOTH THE WOMAN AND THE BABY

                                       Stand up for the innocent and voiceless! 







LOTR fan






Who can't like Sam? He's such a great character! Loyal, brave, strong, persevering, and the best friend imaginable.



I'm Mr. Frodo's gardener, Samwise Gamgee. I live in 3 Bagshot row, with my old Gaffer.

Mr. Frodo and Mr. Bilbo just celebrated their birthdays. That Party Tree was real bright, all strung with lights. And the food! Mr. Pippin nearly burst his stomach with those cakes. There was dancing too. I danced with Rosie Cotton, she was all pretty, ribbons in her hair and all. 

  But Mr. Bilbo had to make a Commotion. He seems to like doing that, he does. Disappeared. Just like that! Real disappeared, not just going off somewhere, if you take my meaning. And now Mr. Frodo, he's all quiet like. He's gone up back to Bag End. I'd better go see. Not spying, like, just checking up on him. Best bring me shears, just in case. Don't want to be accused of heavesdropping. My old Gaffer, he'd be real mad, he would.   
















Star Wars fan




Biggest Kylo Ren fan lol

Coolest Star Wars character!

Awesome lightsaber, awesome mask, awesome scar, awesome Force connections and dyad, awesome killing of Snoke, awesome ship, awesome when he turns back to Ben Solo, awesome saving of Rey's life even though it costs him his own. EPIC character!