11 aug. 2020
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Hello! I want to be a titled player when I grow up! To do that, any diamond, platinum, or gold membership given will help! I love people who are so kind!!! It warms my heart! I am an advanced player already. In fact I am so advanced that I had beated a FM! My highest defeat!!! Check my statistics! I would appreciate if you follow me please!!! Thank you!!! I will also sometimes give chess lessons on zoom. 1 hour = 1 gold membership for me. Message me when you are interested. I am co-owner of 3 Check Academy! I love this club and it is super fun for me! In fact, it is so awesome, we have a GM!!! Also we have a NM, FM, and CM!!! In case you are interested, here is the link: I also have a blog too! Make sure to check it out!!!