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  • Introduction to Tactics

    Gem. rating: 1083
    "Introduction to Tactics" introduces the student to the tactical tools of chess (forks, pins, etc.).
  • Step Up in Tactics

    Gem. rating: 1436
    "Step Up in Tactics" presents exercises, both checkmates and tactical, which are somewhat more difficult than the material covered so far.
  • Intermediate Tactics

    Gem. rating: 1545
    "Intermediate Tactics" presents tactical exercises that are significantly more difficult than those seen up to this point.
  • Advanced Tactics

    Gem. rating: 1767
    "Level X: Advanced Tactics" contains tactical problems that will challenge a player rated Elo or USCF 1700 or higher if attempted without using any of the hints.
  • Silman Teaches Tactics (1)

    Gem. rating: 1591
    Silman Teaches Tactics - IM Jeremy Silman The 100 challenges in this module contain combinations and tactical material for intermediate and expert level players (USCF or Elo ratings between 1400 and 2000+). Some challenges here are difficult even for masters and above. However, players of all levels can enjoy and learn from these examples. Less experienced players will go over these challenges many times and continue to learn more each time as they progress in their chess knowledge and experience.
  • Chess Traps and Miniatures Part 1 - Quick Knockouts

    Gem. rating: 1495
    This is a course on chess traps and miniatures. They are from actual chess games that have ended in 20 moves or less. In almost every game, errors are swiftly punished, and thus this course may be studied as a source of opening traps and lines to be avoided or take advantage of. This course provides an excellent opportunity to study tactical positions, attacks, combinations, and sacrifices.
  • Finding Tricky Tactics

    Gem. rating: 1620
    This course is intended to stretch your mind so that you can spot unique solutions to chess situations. In most cases you can't find the right move by "normal" means. The positions are drawn from my book "Awesome Chess Moves" (Cardoza). The book contains much more analysis than can be presented here, but the main goal is to get you to consider moves that may seem outrageous and see how they work. Many times you will look at the correct plan, but reject it because you don't see the win. So...
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Forks

    Gem. rating: 1316
    This course is designed to explore the fork motif in the game of chess. The fork occurs when one of your pieces can attack two or more of the opponent's pieces. It can be executed with any piece other than the King and it is a very powerful strategy which can quickly turn the tables and lead to a decisive position.
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Pins and Skewers

    Gem. rating: 1515
    Pins and skewers are two ways that the "long-range" pieces (the bishop, the rook, and the queen) can attack two or more pieces simultaneously along the same rank, file, or diagonal. This is another basic tactical tool that is easy to understand and critical to master. When you can clearly see in your mind's eye all the potential for using pins and skewers, you will discover that your "long-range" pieces are much more powerful than you realized. You will also protect yourself from potential disaster! With...
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Double Attacks

    Gem. rating: 1506
    A "double attack" occurs when two pieces make two attacks at the same time. The difference between a fork and a double attack is that a fork is one piece attacking two things at the same time, while a double attack is two pieces making two attacks at the same time. The trick to seeing this possibility in any chess position is to look for any situation where one piece is "covered" by another piece, where if the piece where to become "uncovered", it would create a threat.
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Discovered Check & Double Check

    Gem. rating: 1339
    These are a specific kind of Double Attack or Discovered Attack. A "Discovered Check" happens when one piece moves away and "uncovers" check against the king by the piece behind it. "Double Check" is the same thing, except that the piece moving away also puts the king into check, so the king is attacked by two pieces at once. Discovered check sometimes is used in an attack against the king, sometimes is used to win material, and sometimes is used to do both. Double check is usually focused on attacking...
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Deflecting the Defender

    Gem. rating: 1652
    Deflecting or removing the defender is all about getting a defensive piece out of the way. Often you'll have a situation where if you could just get one of your opponent's pieces away from a key square, you could execute a powerful attack. Sometimes you can't get the piece out of the way. But sometimes you can. Sometimes it's not obvious that you can, but if you look hard enough and you're creative enough, you'll see the way through. And the best way to get better at finding those opportunities is...
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Clearance Sacrifice

    Gem. rating: 1491
    In a clearance sacrifice the sacrificing player aims to vacate the square the sacrificed piece stood on, either to open up for his own pieces, or to put another, more useful piece on the same square. In this course you will learn how to use this tactical idea successfully so that you will be able to use this idea in your own games.
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - In Between Moves

    Gem. rating: 1392
    An in-between move or Zwischenzug is one that is made unexpectedly in the midst of a sequence of moves. But not just any series of moves, one in which the player falling for the Zwischenzug feels the sequence is forced, while his opponent demonstrates to him that it certainly isn't! Most commonly these fall in between trades where a recapture seems to be the only proper means of play. Such in-between moves often have a surprising and pleasing effect of increasing the potency of a combination beyond...
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Interference

    Gem. rating: 1350
    Interference occurs when the line between an attacked piece and its defender is interrupted by sacrificially interposing a piece. It is a chess tactic which seldom arises, and is therefore often overlooked. Opportunities for interference are rare because the defended object must be more valuable than the sacrificed piece, and the interposition must itself represent a threat. But when this opportunity does arise it can reap huge rewards!
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Misplaced Pieces

    Gem. rating: 1356
    Sometimes in chess the pieces can step on each others toes and get in the way of one another. This allows for the opportunity of trapping pieces and exploiting the opponent's misplaced pieces. Here you will see many examples of misplaced pieces and how to take immediate advantage.
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Back Rank

    Gem. rating: 1388
    Often times there is a critical weakness in the opponent's position known as the back rank weakness. This is when the opponent's King is placed on the back rank and there are other pieces in front of the King or covering the squares in front of the King which in turn traps the King on the back rank which can often lead to a decisive mating attack.
  • Champion Tactics with GM Wolff - Smother Tactics

    Gem. rating: 1518
    This course will bring many examples of the smother tactic in chess and how it can be used to put a quick finish to the enemy's king.
  • The Power of the Capture-Check

    Gem. rating: 1419
    This course teaches you to use the power of a capture-check in your calculations. You will learn to examine capture-checks in every complicated situation. No matter how foolish the move may seem at first glance, it may be the key to complicated tactics. You will find yourself able to solve checkmates even buried ten moves deep! I give all possible checks and captures at the start of each position. I urge you to consider all of them, no matter how foolish they look at first glance. By paying...
  • Combinations of Mikhail Tal

    Gem. rating: 1616
    The 8th World Champion Mikhail Tal was one of the most brilliant chess players of all time. His games inspired not only the spectators, but his opponents as well. Sharp sacrifices were his trademark, often played by instinct rather than by calculating concrete variations. He once said "You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5 and the path leading out is only wide enough for one." Tal was not only one of the most popular grandmasters because of his daring style, but also...
  • The Technique of Calculation

    Gem. rating: 1940
    In this series we will test your ability to calculate complex variations featuring a variety of tactical themes and checkmates. You'll be asked to find the best moves in games of world-class players such as David Bronstein, Robert Fischer, and Vladimir Kramnik. Are you up to the challenge? Good luck!
  • Combinations of Alexander Alekhine

    Gem. rating: 1640
    Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine became the fourth World Chess Champion by defeating Jose Capablanca in 1927. He is remembered for his fierce and imaginative attacking style. His life was also filled with controversy. In the early 1930's, his tournament results were stellar, but later became erratic possibly due to alcoholism. Alekhine stayed in Europe during World War 2, where he played in Nazis organized chess tournaments. During this time, anti-Semitic articles appeared under Alekhine's name,...
  • Shockers!

    Gem. rating: 1750
    In this course, I will present some moments in chess history when one side dropped down a shocking or strong move, and you will have to find their brilliance.
  • The Amazing Combinations of Mikhail Tal 1

    Gem. rating: 1660
    Mikhail Tal was the eighth world champion (1960). He shined like a meteor all his life and was known for his brilliant attacking chess. His play could be described by all the colours of the rainbow. All of them, but the grey one! Enjoy his sparkling combinations!
  • The Amazing Combinations of Mikhail Tal 2

    Gem. rating: 2060
    The tactical heritage of Mikhail Tal is enormous and I hope that a second course on his brilliant ideas will please the reader...and bring the reader to the next level of tactical mastery! June is the month of the Tal Memorial in Moskva, so what better time to honor this champion?

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