Pistis Sophia 1001-1200

Startdatum: 19 jul. 2019

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Dit is een toernooi 'zonder vakantie'!

This tournament is set to start when we reach 192 players. If I see that the number of participants stagnates for several days, maybe I will change the number of games to start the tournament with a few less groups. There is no start date for the scheduled tournament.


Only players who played 15 games differed are allowed to enter the tournament. 


Ce tournoi est configuré pour qu'il démarre quand nous atteindrons 192 joueurs. Si je vois que le nombre d'inscrits stagne pendant plusieurs jours, peut-être que je modifierai le nombre de parties pour lancer le tournoi avec quelques groupes en moins. Il n'y a pas de date de départ du tournoi programmée.


Seulement les joueurs qui ont joué 15 matchs en différés seront autorisés à s'inscrire au tournoi. 


No matter how sensitive you are, whether you know the Apocryphal Gospels or the Sophia Pistis, the sacred book of the Gnostics, you are welcome.


Pistis Sophia means Faith-Wisdom. This is the part of our true Being who laments being disconnected from Kepher (from Father) and higher Aons.


The Pistis Sophia, whose original written in Coptic was found in Egypt in the 18th century, contains the words of the Savior of the world; it was written by the Apostles, who recorded in this book all the esoteric instructions he gave to his disciples on the Mount of Olives, eleven years after his resurrection.


Cosmological and theological synthesis of the ancient Gnosis, the Pistis Sophia recounts the eternal drama of the Soul trapped in matter, and its fight, inside each human being and in all the Universe, to free oneself from the darkness of the world and access the Light.


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Invitation to join my club

gemani-riviere | 26 jul. 2019 02:09

Hello and thank you for joining this tournament,


If you enjoyed being able to participate in this specially created tournament so that you are opposed to players of your level and you are looking for a club and want to be easily integrated, you can join: gnostics in search of Pistis Sophia which I am the administrator.


People who love spirituality should feel like fish in the water, all who are interested in gnosis (knowledge of oneself to know the universe and the gods), religions, God, to Christ and the Holy Spirit, to Jesus and the apostles, to Martha, Mary and Mary Magdalene, to alchemy, astrology, astral travel, meditation, yoya, runes, tarot, Kabbalah, etc ...


But even if you are not focused on these things, you are welcome to form this new team.


Here is the link to the club: https://www.chess.com/club/gnostics-in-search-of-the-pistis-sophia


Wishing you a lot of fun in the tournament in which you participate and go as far as possible.


thank you for taking the time to read this message,


Best Regards,