King's Indian Attack

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     Is the Bobby Fischer Strategy

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    jennywen .....

    why would you go through all that trouble in your puzzle? Unless it was a joke. If so then ok i'll leave u.

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    Ugh, i would never play this i hate these openings as white


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    @DMEII - KIA is considered a special case of the Reti.

    KIA is basically a k-side attack with q-side expansion. White intends to play e2-e4-e5. When the k-side attack bogs down then start q-side expansion. Move order is not so important.

    Reti is like a Queen's Gambit without d4, or a Catalan without d4, or any 1.d4 opening without d4. Get the point? Laughing White holds back the center pawns and controls the center from the flanks with pieces; like a double fianchetto after having already played Nf3 and c4. Most of the action is q-side. Many Reti games end with White's e-pawn still on e2.

    So they are similar but different. Which is better depends on you and your playing style and preferences.

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    Which is overall a better opening? The Reti or the King's Indian Attack?

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    All are invited to join the KIA Move by Move book study group

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    @ user0719 - Of the 41 numbered example games in McDonald's 2014 book; the actual opening move was; 1.e4 - 15 games; 1.Nf3 - 22 games; and 1.g3 - 4 games. But you are seeing 1.e4 because McD has changed the move order from the actual games for the purpose of illustrating certain developmental points. If you play 1.e4 you have to be prepared for all responces and the KIA would only be a part of your full 1.e4 repertoire. For example 1.e4 d5 would clearly not lead to a KIA.

    The most reliable way to get a KIA is 1.Nf3.

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    Neil McDonald's "The King's Indian Attack Move by Move" (recently published as of 2016) recommends the following move order for White: 1. e4 2. d3 3. Nd2, and only THEN start the fianchetto with Nf3, g3 Bg2, etc. Consensus opinion seems to imply that if Black ever does an early e6, then that's the best of all possible worlds for Mr. or Ms. KIA Player (i.e. think French Defense). But KIA will also work against the Sicilian and Caro, only better and easier (usually) agaist e6 which, if you think about it, is a fairly committal move. I will still for go KIA against 1...e5, and in general KIA or a variant like reversed Pirc or reveresed Modern can be played against virtually all setups except 1...d5, IF you started with 1.e4. Recall that 1.e4 ...d5 is the Scandiavian Defense, though it used to called the "Center-Counter Defense". A mere curiosity opening in the days of Reinfeld and Horowitz ('50s), the reborn Scandinavian is a powerful tool in the hands of those in the know re: it's must be prepared to meet it if you choose to start your KIA with 1.e4.

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    Its a beautiful opening

  • 7 months ago


    Its like reversed King's Indian Defense because it has the same idea of the KID

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    did i lay 2000 rated playres

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    why not take the knight?

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    The theory is better to learn. I usually do 3. Bg2 4. O-O 5. D3 6. C4. Play from there. Develops everything and gives powerful centre grab

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    very passive opening

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    Nice.But d5 is a problem

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    thank you

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