King's Indian Attack

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    The theory is better to learn. I usually do 3. Bg2 4. O-O 5. D3 6. C4. Play from there. Develops everything and gives powerful centre grab

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    very passive opening

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    Nice.But d5 is a problem

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    thank you

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    Good Attack

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    Playin' d white, is the next move going to be B-f2 ??!

    Then white castles to g1........!! Is that going to be a good defense, I doubt about it !!

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    It's my favourite opening!!!

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    I love this opening!!!!!!!!!!! This opening helps me to win so many matches!!!Laughing The King's Indian Defence is another opening I recommend!!!!

  • 14 months ago


    I like the knight move, but not the pawn.

    Moving the knight first gives you a chance to see what your opponent will do, before committing your pawns.

    I have been using this a lot lately.

    p.s. I tried to run the spell check and it didn't work.

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    I personally like KIA, it protects the White's king pretty good, never make the move e4 if it will be fixed in that position, the light square bishop will be a bad piece. In the position after White castled, I prefer that you immediately fight in the center. In any case, the king is well protected, however, if your opponent starts a kingside attack, secure your position ASAP.

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    I am a bit new to this opening, but I understand the bottom strategy.

    Against Computer [Hard (~1600)] (Fast play):

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    groodyandruff vs. Computer - Hard
    First time trying this opening | | 23 Oct 2014 | 0-1
    on this first game i saw 19.cxd5 could've been 19.Kb2, blocking the escape route for computer hard loosing two pawns but getting one bishop advantage.
    any other perspectives on that?
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    I hate to use this opening...I did'nt know how to use it...

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    HaveAnotherGame, I play against Shredder and it uses this d5 move a lot.

    It's the Scandinavian Defense. Just put "chess e4 d5 Wiki" and you'll see.

    I do 2. e4xd5 and then comes the black Queen on her own. She can create a lot of problems, but not with d5. If she moves too much, she looses time. Then comes a bishop and it may sacrifice to open my defense, etc.

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    It is a good move if preparing to castle

  • 16 months ago


    I get it. All 4 bishops are on the same colors.

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