Nimzo-Indian Defense: Classical Variation, Keres Defense

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    1. Taking the knight is the whole point of the opening. It is a blocked position so the bishop pair doesn't mean a lot.

    2. Taking with the pawn plays into black's hands. The c-pawns are weak and can be attacked.

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    Would you say that the bishop is better than knight if the position was closed with blockade pawns which restricts the bishops?

    Judging who is better is tricky, so just not conclude if not yet proven.

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    Bishops are not better than knights, all of it does depends upon the situation.

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    NM dcremisi

    very critical variation and common at the highest level.   VVP your questions were very good. Yes the principle drawback of this line for black is that white gets the two bishops but black has a lead in development and attacking chances.  And yes, Qxc3 does move the queen twice, but black ha to recapture somehow, and taking with the pawn gives white doubled pawns so Qxc3 is more popular. The two drawbacks you mentioned, one for white one for black actually balance each other out making this opening equal enough for trong players to play it with both colors. 

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    1. Why would black do 5...Bxc3+ when then Queen on c2 or the pawn b2 could recapture? it doesn't seem like a good trade off, becauese bishops are more important thsn knights.
    2. Why did white do 6.Qxc3? I thought it's bad to bring out your queen out to early. 
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    That opening is not so effective, because there is used only the Queen, not something else.

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    "by crispus:  I don't know why white didn't play 47. Rd4 rather than Re2"
    -----If 47. Rd4 then black pown on H will very fast for White king.-----
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    this game is based on 3. ...c5 rather than Bb4 , I don't know why white didn't play 47. Rd4 rather than Re2 , Re2 prevents black from converting their pawn but it still looks like white can convert first putting black in check  , as the final board looks I still think white has a chance to win Undecided

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    Drawing chances do seem likely.

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    Draw chances are more than white's winning chances here.

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    Vladislav,white has almost always higher winning chances ,I say that winning chances for black here are good ,high possibility for a draw...

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