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  • Chess Central gets a renovation!

       Some time last year, I don't remember exactly when, I think it was before winter, my girlfriend Donna (RookedonChess) and I transformed my bedroom in what would be known as "Chess Central," putting up bookshelves, adding a desk, study space, ... | View Album

  • One of my most favorite things!!

       This is a small album showing one of my most favorite things in this whole world. An exact replica of the set used by Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in their epic 1972 World Chess Championship Match, produced by the House of Staunton. It arr... | View Album

  • Some of my favorite chess images!

      I've gathered these over a span of a few months and I just wanted to include them in my album. I'm sure most of you, or at least those who look at this have seen them before, but I just wanted to put them here. | View Album

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