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  • Shots in 2013 Sinquefield Cup

    The Sinquefield Cup is held from September 9-15th in Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St.Louis. This invitational super GM tournament includes 4 famous players: Magnus Carlsen (2862), Levon Aronian (2802), Gata Kamsky(2774) and Hikaru Nakamura(... | View Album

    • by PawnPromotes
    • | September 14, 2013
  • Chess Tournaments & Life

    This is an album including some of the photos I took in the USCF tournaments I played in past 9 months (August 2012-May 2013), and also some everyday photos. | View Album

  • 2012 US Open

    I played in 2012 US Open, had some interesting games and took some nice pictures. Carefully look at the pictures and see if you can find out some famous GM and IM, or perhaps the players you know :D | View Album

    • by PawnPromotes
    • | August 13, 2012
  • Edmonds

    I lived in Edmonds for about 15 months in total. It's a small bay city in Seattle with decent bay and ferry. 15 months was short but this peaceful city left much great memory to me.  | View Album

  • Traveled in Yellow Stone Park

    In 2010, I traveled to Yellow Stone Park together with my friends. We drove all the way from Seattle to Montana, and had great days visiting Yellow Stone Park around.   We met many wired looks wild animals in the Park, and it felt really great ... | View Album

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