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  • My NFM cars: Addition of Zwischenzug!

    Here comes in the successor of Blitz Five. This one is called 'Zwischenzug' and has quite distributed but powerful stats. I actually like the looks of this one as compared to my older cars, even though it doesn't look like a racecar one bit. For ... | View Album

  • My NFM cars: Addition of Blitz Five!

    Hello everybody! The latest addition to my NFM cars is Blitz Five. This beats Speedster Zero (see My NFM cars!) as my fastest car. Speedster Zero now stands second. This car is also the one I created with the most detailing, and has the highest a... | View Album

  • My NFM cars!

    So if you don't know what NFM is, it's Need For Madness, the second-best game ever, next to Chess! It's a car racing/crashing game, but I'm not gonna speak a lot about it. These are the cars I've created. And creating them in 3D is not easy. You... | View Album

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