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  • Manchester Art Gallery - Part 1

    I went to Manchester Art @Gallery the other week and managed to get myself a photographers pass ... With that I was able to take all these pictures ..... There is going to be a part 2 because there is not enough room in the photo album..... | View Album

  • My cat Suttika

    I was given a Siamese cat the other day called Suttika (I think thats how it is spelt...) Isn't he just adorable? | View Album

  • This Evening 27-10-10

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  • Autumn is here in Heywood

    Well I got my kids from school and we had a wander over to the park ... its a beautiful place and even better when the leaves are falling. I just had to take some pics didn't I? | View Album

  • Conker Picking after school

    So I picked my kids up on Wednesday and took them to the park. It was a glorius day and not many of them left over here in UK. Seeing the horsechestnut trees in the park made me think its time to pick some conkers So we had ice cream and played... | View Album

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