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  • My Eldest Son

    Until now I have not been able to get any pictures of my eldest son Stefan but yesterday I was able to get a couple of good snaps of him. SO long overdue I am posting them on here :) | View Album

  • Holiday 2010 part 1

    These are some of the pictures I took when on holiday this year :) | View Album

  • This was made for me

    By my dear friend   Clearcanada  Thank you sweetheart!! | View Album

  • TODAY!!

    Well what a knightmare its been today. A few of you already know what has happened but fact is me and my kids made it to Oldham today ... and what a bunch of awesome pics we took!! | View Album

  • Random pics

    I was just browsing through my memory card and noticed I had loads of pictures that have been taken at random ... So I am posting them in here ... Naturally most of them are of my children (who else would they be of?) Some of them are my sons b... | View Album

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