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  • My kids this Friday

    I picked my kids up from school, we did a bit of shopping, came home, then went to the park. The weather wasn't all sunshine but it was lovely and warm so took advantage. As always I took my camera phone and these are the snaps we took My son... | View Album

  • Park after School today

    We got back home from school and saw how beautiful it was (weather was gorgeous sunshine) so I took the liberty of taking the kids to the park!! Enjoy :) | View Album

  • Manchester fun

    I spent the afternoon with my boys in Manchester yesterday (Sunday) and while there me and my kids took some pictures ... Enjoy :) | View Album

  • All about me!!

    Earlier I was messing about with my webcam taking pics so here is some of the best ones :))) | View Album

  • Christmas hats

    These are the christmas hats I have made and if anyone wants one then please post in here and I will make one and post it in here for you ^_^ | View Album

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