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  • | Aug 15, 2008

I will not write much, but I will say a few words. I made this album to show people how beatiful animals are and not to be cruel to animals what so ever. Theres no excuse! I will not talerate the site of it or even people talking about it. I was not going to show pictures of animals in pain because I can't stand the site of it, but thats why I gathered a bunch of pictures of animals togather including young animals (babies) and some people showing that they care by protesting against animal cruelty (and yes I know their are like 4 repeats of previous albums, so deal with it). And plaese if you are going to comment don't tell me of a animal in pain story. You can at least respect that. I only want you to comment if you truly care for the lifes of animals and DON'T be cruel. I appreciate it. Thank you for your time to view this photo album.

Say no to researsh, we dont need any more improvements. The human race is luck to be alive so stop! Animals are to ones in need of medicine and what not. Say no to hunting! animals arent the only food on this earth, and remember we the humans have the same parts. So if killing and eating an animal is okay then killing a human and eating them should be too. Say no to poching! We have jackets, sweater and even warm houses, what do animals have to stay warm? A nice warm fur caot and a cave or tunnel or wherever. Its not cool to take all they got so you can look "cool" or have money. money is just a useless object. Animals are living breathing things like us. But unlike us they only care for survival of thier race. Us people we are just selfish. We only care for entertainment. Look at people now a days, all they care about is drugs, alcohol, sex, and money. You would have to be a complete retard to spend your whole life revolved around those things. And remember once you or any living thing dies thats it, game over. Theres no god, heaven or hell, theres only what you see. You just cant take their life away like that. How would you like it if animals started taking the lives of every human they can. Or what if you were a animal and being abused for days on in without mercy. You wouldnt like now would you. SO STOP THE CRUELTY!!! And if you disagree with me you ant a friend of mine or deserve to live. Well thats all I got to say for now. Yet again thanks for your time.

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  • 8 years ago


    Highland cows are the best. There are rich types here that buy old farms and get them in as pets. If I ever had enough money and time, I''d get me a Highland cow. Actually, you never have one Highland cow, there is normally at least two. They must be very socible beasts.

  • 8 years ago


    I agree on a lot of what you said - and think cruelty to animals is the "gateway" to being cruel to humans - just look at the 1940's human experimentation and even today (less heard of) is the unwilling "donation" of organs through kidnapping for organ harvesting.  People out there are into a lot more than just drugs, sex, or money - but it's unfortunate that the things they are into...just aren't helping the Earth or the animals within.  It breaks my heart to watch the Animal Planet channel SPCA show where the state adopts cruelly treated animals.  Animals as pets are NOT another playtoy!  Perhaps a new mental health disorder will be named - the manycatticus disease or somesuch.  Just can't understand why if someone can't take care of all of them they don't give them up for adoption to good homes.  Or recognize as a person the (person's) problem - treating animals as just another toy in the collection.  But when one tells that person "oh you never spend time with the animal except to let them out every day to poop and pee" they say "oh but I LOOOOVE my pet!".  Yeah, right.  That type of person just loves themself above all else.

  • 8 years ago


    VERY NICE. The Steve Irwin one is the BEST!!!


  • 8 years ago


    awwwww, I like the little kitty cats on the bottom.

  • 8 years ago


    awww they are sooo cute! ♥

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