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(bigger versions of these photos can be seen in my blog post that lists all the countries/cities for my opponents).

I keep a Google Earth file with all of my opponents since I joined  Each opponent has a placemark at their home location at the time I played them, or at least as close as I could determine if they didn't provide a specific city/town.  If I know only a country or state/territory, I put the placemark in the captial city of whatever the smallest known governmental body is.  The exception is the U.S., which is already a bit congested around D.C. with known locations, so for the few opponents that I can't locate any more specifically than to the U.S. I put their placemarks off the Atlantic Coast.  My one opponent who was listed as "International" and provided no location at all got placed in the middle of the southern Indian Ocean.

The markers are color-coded for my results against the opponent-- green for an opponent against whom I took more than half the possible points, red for an opponent who bested me for more than half the possible points, purple for opponents with whom I split results, and yellow for opponents of current games, regardless of whether we've had any previous completed games.  You'll see a very few placemarks with player names in red text-- those are players who were ultimately kicked out of for cheating.

On my actual Google Earth file, clicking on a placemark brings up an information box with complete information on the game parameters (tournament or team match, number of days per move, any fixed moves, starting ending dates, etc.) and outcome (who won, method of termination, number of moves, number of days, opening, final position Rybka evaluation, etc.).  It also has live links to the opponent, the game and the tournament/match pages on

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