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  • | Nov 14, 2008


 “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal”

Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson

“Thus we have made of you an Ummat (community) justly balanced. That ye might be witnesses over the nations” (Holy Quran 2:143)

            Equality is to be together regardless of race, gender, class and religion, as in children at a playground before prejudice is instilled within. All class groups will be included in all opportunities that may be assumed from an environment maintained in the parameters of freedom and equality. Equality is represented in my life in the mosque with its diversity. The Creator made a diverse nation, therefore we meet at the mosque a multicultural setting of men and women separate but equal.

 Gene Roddenberry states: “If man is to survive, he will have learned to take delight in the differences between men and between cultures."

Women are seen as equal in the mosque with a respect to her position in Islam. The working class or mother all showing no issues of pride over the other in reference to status, at least this is what our faith demands one to practice. I also have seen inequality to women to the point where most assume the role of an object to be exploited to climb the corporate ladder. It is almost vividly portrayed in commercials as to be seen but not heard, the more revealed the better. The respect due to our mothers, sisters and daughters is slowly being diminished in the portrayal of a modern woman. The modern woman assumes this new identity as power and equality, when in actuality it has stolen her dignity. Dignity and equality should be in hands reach, although now one may get a false representation of equality placing it farther away than before.

Equality in a universal sense of the word dealing with mankind will bring about freedom and justice. Freedom and Justice will be established through the rights of equality now being obtainable. Women’s Equality Day (Aug. 26) was established in 1971 U.S Congress to commemorate the 1920 granting of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution allowing women the right to vote[1];just imagine how Sojourner Truth would of felt on this very day after her speech of “Ain’t I a Woman.” Truth’s battle was upon to fronts her woman hood as well as her race.

The experience of racism is still day to day even now as an African-American man. Time to time people hit their car locks whenever I pass their vehicle; a store clerk follows me a considerable distance behind while I shop. The ignorance of these instances and how they are created are obvious to me in my maturity, whereas in my youth I wrestled with the question why do they call us the “N” word. I still remember through all that my first best friend Lee Thomas was White. We had no sense of color only friendship and its status to live by, which still happens to be ideal racial equality in a small sense.

Racial Equality is when one never sees segregation in restaurants, malls and churches only diversity. In a diverse community at one table you may see a rainbow so to speak laughing and eating together. This type of equality would take a commitment of intolerance to covert discrimination on all levels, whereas if not we are all hypocrites. Agree to disagree and only let evidence be the deciding factor not the amount of melanin or the lack thereof in one’s skin. The value orientation of skin color is placed upon class as well where it is assumed all African-Americans are in the Low class bracket.

            Class in itself shows inequality in the stratification of the structure based on the capitalistic society. The differentiation of class based upon annual income therefore placing a value on the standard of living of society. Finances from the low class spiral to the top with little of it to trickle back down. A redistribution of wealth would be humane in dealing with the poor, elderly and sick. Redistribution of wealth will not be accepted by the upper class for it makes the rich responsible for the poor. The values of redistribution may sound religious but it is equal, for instance if I have enough why not share to some one in need.

The US State Department report on Russian religion: “The Constitution provides for freedom of religion and the Government generally respects this right in practice. Although the Constitution also provides for the equality of all religions before the law and for the separation of church and state, in practice the Government does not always respect the provision for equality of religions, and in some instances the authorities, primarily at the local level, imposed restrictions on some religious groups.” Equality is how Ayatollah Sayeed Sistani, the Late Pope Paul II, and his pupil Hans Kung[2] attempted Globalization in culture and religious differences on the grounds of commonality.

Eboo Patel’s “On Nurturing a Modern Muslim Identity” page505 gives a realistic view of the mentality of true Islam and it’s ability to show equality as he states: “Islam is about oneness of God ,the unity of human kind and the responsibility of humans to realize the original intention of the Creator in his creation.” Jean Francois Copé of American Jewish Committee states: “a modern vision of secularism which is not the negation of religion but, on the contrary, the means to practice one's religion while respecting that of others.” John Paul traveled more than any other pope in history, taking his message to more than 125 countries and repeatedly demanding fairness and equality for the forgotten masses in the developing world[3]. The signatories applauded Ayatollah Sistani’s role in preventing bloodshed in Iraq and called him a man who pays high respect for Mankind and humanity[4].

I presume for the ideal society of equality would have to possess similar morals and values to properly constitute equality. The morals would override arrogance and establish a bond with your neighbor. Equality would have to be redefined in a global aspect, whereas everyone agrees to the perception of the definition. The ideal society with the redefined equality established from that point on a universal concerted effort is needed to erase past memories associated with stereotypes. The values will be based on the need to be honorable to accept other cultures as expanded family. Opposed to strange or any other pre conceived notion without any investigation. 

Equality should be ideally personified in the world as the definitions in the introduction suggests, although until mankind can accept the differences and learn to benefit from these differences rather than find hatred from them. Ignorance of an individual’s abilities due to differences seems to be the cause of inequality. Inequality therefore may continue to exist until we tear down the years of indoctrination of the media war tactics or arrogant induced thinking. People in power or not will continue to exploit others for their own personal gain with a lack of concern for the well being of their fellow man.

Interviewing of a few Middle Eastern individuals and research on the internet the differences in equality in contrast to America would be the crime rate, America is at an all time high over most countries. Whereas the family values and structure seems have a strong foundation in contrast to rising divorce in the U.S.













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  • 4 years ago


    You are a good man for writing this Naqi, I completely agree with you.  I do not understand your last paragraph though.  Are you saying that compared to America, Middle Eastern countries have a higher crime rate and larger family values?  I have never stepped foot over there, but I might be inclined to disagree to this claim.  This is minor however, everything else is wonderful and agreed upon

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