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My NFM cars!

So if you don't know what NFM is, it's Need For Madness, the second-best game ever, next to Chess!

It's a car racing/crashing game, but I'm not gonna speak a lot about it. These are the cars I've created.

And creating them in 3D is not easy. You need to mark the X,Y and Z co-ordinates of every polygon in the car. Phew!

The first car is called 'Speedster Zero' (my fastest car), the second is 'The Wall' (my strongest car), third is 'Waster PHD' (lol Tongue out), the fourth is 'Space Shuttle' (my best stunter) and the fifth is Polygonia (my first car).

There's one more in progress - 'Blitz Five'. I'll be posting it here as soon as it's finished!

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  • 5 years ago


    Do you have a link for where to find NFM? Might b fun to check it out...!

  • 5 years ago


    The maximum is 210 for any car. However, one of NFMs original cars almost exceeded it! Laughing

    But the simple cars (like the ones I make) require very little number of polygons which is usually below 100. The Wall took 100+.

    The detailed ones (the originals) have a lot many polygons than the simple ones. You can check their pics on Google.

  • 5 years ago


    gr8.thanx for sharing!

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