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  • by NAVYAFdad
  • | Oct 24, 2008

 All photos are in the public domain and courtesy of, unless otherwise noted.

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  • 5 years ago


    that is an awesome story

  • 7 years ago


     Air Force Special Operations - Rescue 

        My freshman year at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) I was given a dormroom to share with a fat Jewish man, Jules Falzer.  I say a man because he served four years in the US Air Force ( in South Korea) before starting college.  He was a jet mechanic.  So the veterans' administration was helping pay his tuition.  He was studying "Double E", electrical engineering in his senior year.  The Korean war had been over for six years.

       On the air force base the Koreans were hired to do kitchen and clean up, fetch and carry, sanitation and rubbish removal.  Life was good.  Not much hard dirty work.  The war had been over for a year or two then.  On the base they had a dog for a mascot.  He could trot up and down the flight lines.  Go into the CO's office, the kitchen, carpenter shop, where ever he wanted.  All the air force personnel petted the dog.

       One day, dog disappears at 5pm, when most of the Korean workers went home.  The entire air force base empties out, with AP's and all.  All the airman left the base and ran into the small Korean town nearby, turning it upside down and ransacking it in a hasty and paniced house to house search for their dog before it got to be dinner time.  They got the dog back just in time to prevent murdering the Korean family.  Lesson learned.  The Koreans never tried dognapping again.  The Korean who took the dog lost his job on the base, and lost face with the village. 

       They broke his family's rice bowl as punishment.  No more job.  No more money.  He was "sorry" all right - the rest of his god damned life.   

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