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Star Trek Beta

  • by frank713
  • | Jan 18, 2010

See for more info.

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  • 7 years ago


    Aloha ThISisSPARTA 

    Its OK, but I like EVE on-line better: Star Trek you get blown up and you re-spawn and your back to normal, nothing lost, although battles can be huge and there already walk in stations and battle on planets, graphics not as good as Eve on-line, but some good imagery and ideas.

    See and download EVE on-line game, a new update is coming and I need some help. Try for 14 days free using the start up character you select, one of four races, and physical features and you start with a small spacecraft. And start mining and fighting off NCP pirates. An hour a day is good and reading the manual  is helpful. No joystick needed, just a  good computer and about 2GB (even less then that). Download take a few hours unless you have High speed Internet will take less time.

    Anyway you do and you like I'll let use one of characters in my alliance if you like and "no charge", but do want starting no wars and losing my character. If you do die besides losing the ship which will happen sometimes you will clone if you had clone insurance (not real money). Anyway take a look at these links and let know. I recommend testing driving with a beginner character which where everyone starts. No need to paid unless you decided to start up your own character.

    So before you say you have no time, down load the Eve on-line program and try it. By the way Star Trek game program is huge (bigger then Eve at this time, but Eve has better graphics and more open space systems). Warning do not shoot first unless its an NCP pirate pilot in secure zones .5 and to 1.0 as NCP police will blew up you in heart beat i assure of that. Under .4 you can shoot anyone and no NCP police, but then your always a possible target by gangs and those at war with you alliance or just you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    See these links:

    Youtube video sample and there many others:


    EVE Online: Tyrannis [preview]


    EVE Online: Dominion Trailer

    To download program: there is a tutorial I highly recommend you follow to get the hang of things. It will be fun! EVE is huge trust me on that and its getting bigger and better May 26. And later in will interrelated with those playing DUST514 (on PS3 and Xbox systems) a ground war (by planet battles) that will assist EVE players control worlds, later next year 2011. Eve on-line is 7 years old and getting better and better, its not like WOW. 

    Player Guide:

    Well just thought I throw this in there, so start downloading, do it while you sleep as it may take time if you have a slow download link. 


    Zopaco - Eve Pilot CEO Zor Corp.

  • 7 years ago


    How's the game?

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