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  • by jluchesi
  • | Feb 3, 2011

Spiritual Awakening

My Name is Jeff Luchesi, I am 43 years I currently reside in Salem, Oregon At the age of 13 I grew up on the streets of Chicago, IL. I cannot stress enough the importance of addressing the issue of child abuse, and child neglect, which inevitable leads to homelessness, Drug Abuse, Crime, and lack of education.  The very foundation of America is that which builds relationships in America and holds America together. Being a functional member in the mainstream of our society is paramount.

I go to church sometimes on Sunday and have been getting involved with the fellowship of my community. I sometimes fall short of my responsibility’s, and the gift of God, however I do know that as long as I can at least do one of the spiritual principals’ that are dictated in the holy Bible, keep moving forward and realize that as long as I am headed for the future of my life and not keep repeating the fears of my past, and chasing the light rather than running from the fire, All will be well.

One of the results (a spiritual awakening, or as the A/A’ and ‘N/A members would say.... "a moment of clarity") I have received after experiencing the dark corners of neglect and homelessness, gave me an attitude of gratitude and selfishness, Gave me the opportunity to see outside of myself and relinquish the reins to my heavenly father (Jesus Christ) and witness the word of God among God's people, and give back what was so freely given to me, Understanding, patience, and love. (Long enough till I could love and understand myself.) This is the true spiritual awakening that comes with spiritual maintenance, and realizes that every day is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition. It was once said to me if you go within I go without; or you are unable to keep what you got unless you give it away. This was the kind of talk that enabled me to see beyond myself, and utilize the gift of giving with no expectation our strings attached.

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