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A late summer day in Jönköping

  • by klasse
  • | Nov 30, 2011

Here are some photos taken from the city park situated upon a hill in the city of Jönköping in Sweden. Jönköping is situated around the southern tip of our second largest Swedish lake "Vättern" . It is an old city in swedish terms from the 13 th century but not much are preserved from the medieval times The old castle is gone but some churches can still be seen. In modern times the city is most famous for the match industry (the safty match was invented by a swede) that was important during the first half of the 20 th century,and the artillery regement .

The lake Vättern is the 6 th largest in Europe and has over 77 kubic kilometers/ 18 kubic miles of water and is a rift that was created 650 miljon years ago when the Scandinavian shield breaked away from the supercontinet called Rodinia that it was atatched to on the southern hemisphier. There are still some sandstones and limestones in Vättern that apart from there only can be found in Venezuela. In the lake you can cath the Savelinus (a salmonid fish) a relic from the last ice age that has been caught (by natures moves) in this lake and also lake Sommen.

  There are also some pictures of two Swans in the lake Sommen and one of a Mandarin Duck in the Svartån/Black River.

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