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  • by theopenfile
  • | May 16, 2012

Heres A nice common carp i caught in 2009. I have caught many other species of freshwater fish and i have been coarse fishing for many years.  I think in most most parts of america Carp are considered nuisence fish.  Well in england it is completely the opposite and carp are admired by many fisherman for there hard fight and there large size, they are also able to spot an anglers bait, and require alot of thought to catch.

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    Nice!   Do the Carp usually grow that size where you are? I bet there really hard fighting especially with them being river fish. In England we call the carp the "Queen of the rivers" its an old quote from izaac walton who wrote the compleat angler in 1963 its is one of the greatest and first ever book on the joy and art of fishing in England.   Does canada have barbel? if so what size? 

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    Carp are a good fight on a fishing real and they are one of the most important fish for our rivers because they eat everything that other fish don' fish poop-had a 35 pounder on my line for 40 minutes with 15 pd tess line-good fight

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