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The dog you hate to love

This dog, the black and white (bluetick) hound...thing, is a monster. You'd want to kill her if she weren't so lovable. She'll knock over the recyclables and while you're cleaning that up, she'll attack the kitty litter box, and while you're cleaning that up she'll find your glasses and trot proudly around the house with them in her mouth.

And sometimes she will stare at you intently. If you ignore her she will growl. At that time if you approach her she'll wag her tail and If you pet her she will melt like pudding on a hot day. Yes, that's right. She'll growl at you in order to get you to pet her. Very demanding. Very "in your face". We love this abnoxious dog. Hard to explain, but what a great dog.

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  • 3 years ago


    I would never ever hate her for anything. I love every dog!

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