Stella 1180 and her mermazing friends

24 lip 2022
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excuse me lexiemitchellBabe you are not my friend yet. I only allow people who are my friends (on to join this club. You need to friend me. If I allow it, you may join again. I will kick you out for now.
20 dni temu
Hi panzer115
27 dni temu
hello there


stela1180 | 22 lis 2022
Please everyone! I only need at least 4 more members till 20 please PLEASE invite other people in, and don't forget you have to tell them to friend me first then I will send them the link. My hopes are up, don't let me down!
KFBFFS(Kind Friendly bffs)

KFBFFS(Kind Friendly bffs)

stela1180 | 17 paź 2022
Whenever we have a new member, remember to greet them with great, kind, and friendly notes and offers, don't forget! psst heres a joke for you: What goes up but not down?                                 scroll down                         Age!!!
I would like.............

I would like.............

stela1180 | 5 paź 2022
I would like all of you to be online a little more often so admins I would like you to take over me for a while because I have been busy lately let the coordinators know if you need any help! Bye!