Platynowy użytkownik

Hello! My name is @CDRED141. I love to help keep safe and happy.

Thank you @erik so much for everything you have done in!

 official ᄃレひ乃 Wム尺丂 staff!

I am helping to plan ᄃレひ乃 Wム尺丂 events for 2023. 

Don't ask for any information about it, my lips are sealed 🤐

I was asked by @rohithbala to help design the 2023 CW. @rohithbala is @Nightly-Knight Right hand man and helps to run CW events. And I was asked to come on as staff. This is a big houner and I am very proud to be apart of this. 

I am the leader of the grand KK alliance in the

 ᄃレひ乃 Wム尺丂 2022 event Medieval Wars.