Diamentowy użytkownik

I'm a CHRISTian who likes being outdoors, playing with my dog and cat, reading, watching movies, knitting, dancing, listening to music, and drinking many different types of coffee.

I like a lot of things but I'm not gonna mention all of them here...


God is within her, she will not fall; He will help her at break of day - Psalm 46:5


"I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen: not because I see it, but because by it I see everything else." - C. S. Lewis

"It is better to fight for something than to live for nothing." - George Patton


Amazing People I Know:

@Truth-Finder ,You are so kind and loving, and caring. The minute I met you I could see Jesus in you. Well, by "see" you know what I mean... You are like my twin. The more we talked, the more I realized how much we had in common. One of the other things I love about you is you get things others might just not understand. You are such an awesome sister in Christ (: I am so blessed to have you, Abri! #Twins

@PrecisionGuessWorks ,Gee, you are always so awesome! I love all your stories and how you are always such a positive person. I also love how you're so fun. From crackalackin' to hittin' the hay you're just so awesome & amazing! We've gotten a lot closer, you and me, and it's so fun to watch our relationship grow!!! #Sisters

@FaithfulServant, Katie, you always brighten my day! Talking to you is so refreshing and it is so fun that we can just chill, and chit chat. I love reading your poems too. You have such a way with words! It'll be so fun to watch what God uses you for! Love u!! #Sisters

@dogs4evr, Ellie, You are a great friend. You make me smile so much! I love talking with you and planning that prank on Timothy was great too! We get a lot closer as time goes on! ♥️♥️♥️

@Smiley2485 ,Leah, I absolutely love all your cool ideas and the fun you bring to CYCT. You and Jubilee are such a big part of our group and so loved by everyone! I also love all your themes for your profile. You have awesome taste 😉 I can't wait till you get back. I miss you and so does everybody else 💖💖💖

@ABlazingBishop ), Yo! Timmy! You are so fun to hang around and it is great having you in CYCT. We gt you pretty good with our prank. You gotta admit it lol. Anyway though, after reading this you'll probably call me Cecily, so let me beat ya to it... Baiiii! - Cecily

@SweetPeaBuddy ,Paco, You are such an encouragement to my faith and to me. You make CYCT such a good place for Christian youth to hang out. You are an amazing role model.  I appreciate you and your wisdom so much too. I've learned so many valuable life lessons from you, and from what I've learned in CYCT! I am forever grateful! PEACH OUT!! 🍑

@Fa-18_Superhornet2007, @Finnarmy, and @FredAlmighty, y’all are great bros!

Please don't be offended if you aren't on this list. I also only accept friend requests from members of CYCT, CHT, or another verified Christian club. Thanks (:


10 Things I Know About You:

1. You are reading this.

2. You are human.

3. You can't say the letter "p" without separating your lips.

4. You just attempted to do it.

6. You are laughing at yourself.

7. You have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5.

8. You just checked to see if there was a number 5.

9. You laugh at this because you fell for this and everybody else did too.

10. Copy and paste this to your profile to see who else falls for this too!


If I don't join your club or leave your club it's nothing personal.  I'm very busy and don't have time to be active in too many clubs. It is especially unfair to be there if I don't have time to participate.


99.9% of you won't post this. When Jesus died on the cross he was thinking of you. If you're one of 0.1% that cares, put this on your profile.