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Adopt me in rapid chess =) ask me in pm/dm

  • Chess fanatic happy.png
  • O_O a failure and bad at chess 
  • I’m currently 1522 uscf, 1300 fide. (Wayyy overrated, especially my fide rating)
  • My online ratings are very trash (i only know how to play otb) 😩
  • sorry if i dont rematch, i dont have time
  • Im ten years old, turning eleven on Oct 7, 2023
  • playing chess for about 2 years ago now
  • I am a (decent) piano player
  • feel free to send me a friend request 
  • I do many otb chess tournaments 
  • i need to study my openings for the 100th time
  • my brother is @Ynl_DoGe_AnimE (he likes anime fr)

i am banned from blitz and bullet,or playing variants. Although sometimes i can play 4pc

favorite animal is dogs happy.png

bing chilling 🍦

Have a good day! happy.png


Thanks @Rapszodia for name idea


.。・゚゚・ =^-^= uwuwuwuwuwuwu


First layer of defense

Get dogerolled lol

I play daily like bullet sad.png 

 i like 30 mins rapid but every game takes like a hour sad.png

I’ll post some of my best games later here maybe

cool and brilliant chess puzzle (i found it here https://chess-teacher.com/brilliant-chess-puzzle-only-few-can-solve/)
live rating 1530
goal until i turn 11 is getting 1600-1700 ( prob not ;-; )

My dog

No copyright infringement intended

Goal is to get WCM or NM before college

Dog anime yeeeee




sounds like a skill issue 

Anyways u made it here so i will give you a link 

It’s not a rickroll such a dum assumption :/

i have non-grip-able surface phobia